Brew Guide

There are several different ways to brew coffee, each offering a unique experience and flavour profile. French press brewing is known for its full-bodied and robust results, with a metal mesh filter allowing the coffee oils to pass through, resulting in a rich and aromatic cup. Chemex brewing, on the other hand, uses a thick paper filter to produce a clean and crisp brew, highlighting the delicate flavours and subtleties of the beans. The Hario V60 offers a pour-over method, allowing for precise control over the brewing process and yielding a bright and nuanced cup. The AeroPress combines immersion and pressure, resulting in a concentrated and smooth brew that can be customized to personal taste. These are just a few examples, and with each brewing method, coffee enthusiasts can explore a world of flavours and find their perfect cup of coffee.
How ever you prefer to enjoy your coffee, here is a guide for each brewing method mentioned above:
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Chemex French Press
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aeropress-icon hario-v60
AeroPress Hario V60
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