Torani Watermelon Syrup (750 ml)

Torani Watermelon Syrup (750 ml)
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Watermelon. That summer refreshment you know and love. You're back from the beach and there it is, sliced up looking all red and juicy, inviting you to the table. We captured the essence of summer within this syrup. We like to cool off by mixing it in our sodas, teas and granitas.
Suggested Uses
Torani Watermelon Syrup works well in Italian sodas, granitas, and mocktails.% Daily Value*Serving Size 1ozTotal Fat 00 %Servings per 750ml bottle 25Sodium 3mg0 %Calories 80Total Carbohydrates 19g7% %Calories from Fat 0Sugar 17gProtein 0* Percent daily value is based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet.