Torani Sugar Free Peppermint Syrup (750ml)

Torani Sugar Free Peppermint Syrup (750ml)
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It doesn't have to be Winter Holiday Time for you to partake in the wonders of cool and refreshing peppermint. Add a dash and it's like you spiked your latte with a candy cane. A sugar free candy cane. That's right, this syrup is made with Splenda®. So all you have to concentrate on is the invigorating aroma radiating from your mug. It's so inviting, you can't help but imagine freshly picked mint. Except you didn't have to go out to the garden. And that's even cooler.
Suggested Uses
Torani Sugar Free Peppermint Syrup works well in mochas and hot chocolates.

% Daily Value*


Serving Size 1 oz.

Total Fat 0

0 %


Servings per 750ml bottle 25

Sodium 5mg

0 %


Calories 0

Total Carbohydrates 0

0 %


Calories from Fat 0

Sugar 0

Protein 0

* Percent daily value is based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet