Reunion Coffee Roasters Empire French Coffee (2.5oz)

Reunion Coffee Roasters Empire French Coffee (2.5oz)
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The coffee equivalent a big, full-bodied Cabernet, Empire is as bold as the famous Corsican empire-builder that inspired the label. While this coffee is what is known in North America as a French roast, its actually much darker than a traditional French coffee. The coffee is roasted to the point that the beans reach a deep, dark brown colour and aromatic oils coat the surface of the beans. Roasting beyond the second crack to develop this colour brings out bittersweet, smoky notes in the beans and mutes the brighter, winy notes.

All of the coffees used in our Empire blend were selected to contribute to it's full body and dark cocoa flavours. These beans are hand-picked from high-altitude Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Latin America.

Case of 24 pre-ground packs.