Monin Wild Strawberry Syrup

Monin Wild Strawberry Syrup
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With a delicately candied berry aroma and a sweet succulent flavour, Monin Wild Strawberry Syrup brings out the best of springtime’s favorite treat. It’s a versatile addition to a wide range of beverages.

Tasting notes
Candied strawberry aroma and sweet strawberry candy flavour, very low acidity

Deep Scarlet Red

Monin Wild Strawberry syrup brings candied berry flavour to variety of lemonades, cocktails, and frozen drinks.

Combine with MONIN Peanut Butter Syrup for a nostalgic treat. Garnish options include whipped cream and fresh or frozen strawberry slices. May be used with dairy ingredients: milk, cream and half & half

Allergen Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Halal, Kosher, No Artificial Sweeteners, Non GMO, Vegan