Monin Margarita Mix Syrup (64oz)

Monin Margarita Mix Syrup (64oz)
Monin Margarita Mix Syrup (64oz)
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On-The-Rocks, Or Frozen, This Natural Mix Is Perfect For Batching Up Consistent And Refreshing Margaritas.

Hand-squeezed taste with a natural citrus flavour that is simple and delicious. Made with real fruit juice and nothing artificial, this natural concentrate is a perfectly-balanced blend of Persian limes, zesty lemon and Agave Organic Nectar.

Meant for creating a 2-gallon batch, just combine Monin Margarita Mix with water to prep for service. Then, craft the perfect on the rocks, frozen or flavoured margarita as ordered by adding tequila and triple sec.

Handcrafted Made Simple
Monin Margarita Mix, made with nothing artificial, is the most convenient and consistent way for your staff to create the perfect margarita every time.

RECIPE - Batch Margarita Mix:
Blend 1 part Monin Margarita Mix (64 fl. oz.) with 3 parts water (192 oz.). Makes 2 gallons.