Grosche Shark Tank Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Grosche Shark Tank Loose Leaf Tea Infuser
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Tea ball infuser for loose-leaf tea

The SHARK TANK from GROSCHE is a tea ball infuser in the shape of a shark tank. It’s perfect for steeping 2-3 cups. Place your tea leaves in the infuser, latch shut, and place infuser in your cup with the chain sitting on the rim of your mug for easy removal. The infuser is 18-8 stainless steel and won’t rust, giving you a long lasting tea infuser.

High-quality stainless steel

The SHARK TANK tea ball infuser is made of high-quality 18-8 stainess steel. This means it will never rust or impart a metallic flavour into your drink. To clean the infuser, simply rinse it under hot water or use a soft sponge with a bit of detergent.