Grosche Istanbul Double Walled Tea Glasses (Set of 2)

Grosche Istanbul Double Walled Tea Glasses (Set of 2)
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The ISTANBUL double-walled drinking glasses from GROSCHE have a capacity of 280 ml / 9.5 fl. oz. They have a straight line on the outside and a curvy shape on the inside. That makes the ISTANBUL glasses a real eye-catcher. They display any drink beautifully. Fill them with coffee, tea or your favourite juice or liquors, the choice is yours.

The ISTANBUL makes an excellent whisky glass! It does this with optimizing scent delivery with its aromatic focus that is created with its unique shape. It is a modern shape whisky glass set that features a double-walled design to keep the whisky at the perfect temperature that you enjoy. When you add some ice, you will find that the ice will melt very slowly keeping your whisky flavor intact. These glasses are suited for all types of liquor with their unique shape. The ergonomics make these glasses comfortable to hold. The double walled glass prevents the warmth and heat from your hands to be transferred to the liquor as well giving you perfect taste and aroma delivery.

The ISTANBUL glass set features a double-walled design to keep liquids hot or cold longer. Every glass is made from heatproof borosilicate glass which is lightweight yet strong. This is a thermal glass that can withstand high temperatures and is naturally BPA-free and lead-free. Each glass is mouth blown by artisan glassmakers and made by hand making each glass unique. They are not machine made.