Grosche E-Z Latte Milk Frother (Red)

Grosche E-Z Latte Milk Frother (Red)
Grosche E-Z Latte Milk Frother (Red)
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Turbo milk frother to whip up thick and creamy foam in no time

The GROSCHE E-Z LATTE turbo milk frother is the most convenient way to make a thick, creamy froth. It’s great for specialty coffees such as cappucinos, latte macchiatos or cafe au laits. Simply add a couple ounces of milk to a glass, insert the head of the frother, and flick the switch! The E-Z LATTE’s powerful motor whips up the perfect froth in no time.

High-efficiency motor

What differentiates this from other electric milk frothers is the high efficiency motor. It does a great job of preparing the frothed milk and the battery lasts months and months, even with regular use. (Batteries not included.)

Stainless steel frother

The milk frothing head is made entirely from high grade 18-8 stainless steel. This means it will never rust or impart a metallic flavor into your drink. To clean the frothing head, simply rinse it under hot water and use a soft sponge with a bit of detergent.