Kopi Luwak

The coffee was named after the animal luwak, which is an Asian palm civet or civet cat, a small tree-dwelling animal, found in Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi islands.
The civet cat eats the ripest coffee cherries, and the partially digested coffee beans are excreted by the luwak. A unique fermentation occurs when the beans pass through a civet’s intestines, allowing natural stomach enzymes and bacteria to break down the protein that gives coffee its bitter taste. This unique fermentation is responsible for giving the luwak coffee its smooth bitterless flavour.
We are proud to offer this ultra rare Kopi Luwak coffee under the strict conditions that all parts of the supply chain are 100% free of animal and human exploitation, coercion, and cruelty. The civets are wild/free-range.