Reunion Coffee Roasters Sumatra Ketambe Coffee (2.5oz)

Reunion Coffee Roasters Sumatra Ketambe Coffee (2.5oz)
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Sumatra Ketambe is cultivated in the lush rainforest-clad highlands of the Aceh province on the northern tip of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. This exotic locale is the last place on earth where elephants, rhinos, tigers, clouded leopards and orangutangs are found in one area. It also enjoys climate conditions and soil quality that are ideally suited to coffee cultivation.

The most recent harvest from the region is truly outstanding. This crop of exceptionally large beans offers the signature full body of a good Sumatra, along with an intense aroma of caramel and chocolate with hints of plum. We are very proud to offer this unique coffee as a part of our coffee menu.

Case of 24 pre-ground packs.

These beans are handpicked when coffee cherries have ripened to a rich, deep red colour. Coffee cherries produced in most regions are washed to remove fruity mucilage before drying. However, Sumatra Ketambe is processed differently, whole, unpeeled coffee cherries are raked out on a large patio to dry in the sun. The extended contact between beans and the outer cherry helps to develop their prized flavour and aroma.

We roast Sumatra Ketambe to a dark colour to further enhance the coffee's natural body and smokiness.