Monin Mojito Mix Syrup

Monin Mojito Mix Syrup
Monin Mojito Mix Syrup
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This Cuban classic couldn’t make Mojito mixing any easier. With Monin Mojito Mix you can cut through all the time and prep, and start enjoying your favourite mixed or frozen drink.

Tasting notes
Mild mint aroma, refreshing and sweet herbal mint flavour with a citrus accent

Clear with a light, sugar gold tinge

Monin Mojito Mix is the perfect addition to frozen cocktails, mocktails or delicious desserts.

Use Monin Mojito Mix in countless mojito cocktail variations wherever a fresh mint and lime taste is desired. Garnish options include mint sprigs and leaves, lime and other citrus fruits. May be used with dairy products: milk, cream, half & half

Kosher, Halal, GMO free, Dairy free, Gluten free, Vegan