Monin Ginger Beer Syrup

Monin Ginger Beer Syrup
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Use our Ginger Beer Syrup to add handcrafted character to cocktails, mocktails, sodas and more. The subtlety in the spices are mixed with overtures of sweetness that blend into a tasty, delicate balance. This clean label alternative is high quality and consistent, simply add sparkling water for the perfect handcrafted ginger beer.

Kick Up the Flavour

Monin Ginger Beer Syrup will make a splash in any handcrafted soda, Moscow Mule, Dark & Stormy or other specialty cocktail.

Are you looking for Monin Old Fashioned Ginger Ale Syrup? Enjoy the same great taste profile and ease of use, with a new name that more closely reflects this flavour’s most popular use. Monin Ginger Beer Syrup contains no artificial ingredients and delivers an authentic, balanced flavour for the perfect ginger beer.