Kinto Sepia Tumbler 270ml


Your Saturday morning flea market hunts for the perfect 1970s cocktail glass are over! With the 270ml (9oz) SEPIA Tumbler KINTO has created a beautiful glass to hold and drink from. Whether your slowly sipping away on an ice-cold cola, or enjoying a late evening, cherrywood smoked old fashioned, the Sepia Tumbler will take you back to a time when all things looked through amber-coloured glasses.

The KINTO Sepia collection provokes warm feelings of nostalgia. If you have ever felt like you should have been born in the born in the 1970s, the Sepia collection is the perfect compliment to your disco vinyl collection. The angled handles and smooth curves of the amber glass is a pleasure to hold and drink from. The beautiful tinted glass is also heat-resistant - allowing you to brew and serve your favourite hot and cold drinks.