Grosche Cyprus Double Walled Mug (500ml)

Grosche Cyprus Double Walled Mug (500ml)
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Large double-walled glass cup

This is a large clear glass coffee mug or tea mug. It has a 16 fl. oz / 500 ml capacity. The CYPRUS glass cup from GROSCHE is perfect for anybody looking for a large cup for their tea or coffee. With a capacity of 500 ml / 16 fl. oz. you can take some extra big sips from your favourite drink. The CYPRUS glass cup features a double-walled design to keep contents hot or cold longer than a normal cup. The thick design is sturdier than most double walled glasses, and the bottom provides a sturdy base.

Double-walled glass coffee mug

The CYPRUS glass cup is made of durable and thick double-walled glass. The double layers keep your beverage hotter or colder longer. They also allow you to hold the mug comfortably no matter if you have an ice cold or piping hot beverage inside. On top of these more practical thoughts, the double-walled glass also looks very beautiful. It’s almost like your drink it floating in mid air.

Hand Blown glass

The CYPRUS glass cup is hand blown by expert glass blowers. It is actually two cups that are each made by hand and them put together to make it into a double walled glass cup. Because its hand made every cup is unique. So you may find small bubbles in the glass. These small bubbles are not defects but an indication of the hand made glass blowing process.

Heat-proof borosilicate glass

The glass that the CYPRUS is made of is called borosilicate glass. This type of glass is a high-grade thermal glass. It’s heatproof, can easily withstand boiling water and will never go cloudy even after years of use.