Bunn My Cafe MCU Brewer

Bunn My Cafe MCU Brewer
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The Bunn My Cafe MCU Brewer is a modified single cup pour over brewer with a reservoir refreshed with each cup you brew by adding from 4 to 14 ozs of water each time.

The brewer uses coffee and tea pods and features both a standard brew mode and pulse brew mode for tea and darker coffees. Very compact with stainless steel exterior. Comes with one universal pod brew basket for both coffee and tea.

Machine Specs:

Universal brew basket compatible with all coffee and tea pod sizes (8g - 12g). Adjustible brew strength setting.

Pulse brew option extracts bolder coffee flavour; preferred setting for tea.

Patented Jet Action Sprayhead propels water through the pods to release incredible flavour and aroma.

Great coffee or tea in under a minute.

Can make one cup per minute indefinitely.

Dimensions 12 1/4" H, 7 1/4" W, 11" D

2 year limited warranty backed by Bunn.

Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank maintains water at 200F for very hot beverages.

Energy save mode reduces water temp to 140F after 6 hours idle.

Energy save mode function turns off water heating after 26 hours idle.

No on/off switch, brewer must be unplugged if power down is wanted immediately.

Purchase Price Includes: BUNN My Cafe Pod Brewer, Pod Drawer, Ground Coffee Drawer, Hot Water Drawer & K-Cups Compatible Drawer. Baronet Extra Bold Pods. Box of 16.


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