Barnie's Creamy Buttery Caramel Coffee Cups (24)

Barnie's Creamy Buttery Caramel Coffee Cups (24) | Beanwise
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Barnie's Coffee & Tea Co. started in 1980 with one purpose in mind: to find the perfect cup of coffee. Their far, wide and never-ending search began in a small shop in Winter Park, Florida. From there, they discovered a world brimming with possibility. A world where coffee isn't just a mundane morning routine. It's a chance to find new flavours. To make joyous memories. There was no way of knowing the quest for caramel would take us so far. Over mountains. Across continents. From sea to sweet, sugary sea. Picking up delectable tidbits and buttery nuggets along the way. Stirring. Sipping. Simmering. Over and over again until we finally achieved it: the perfect blend of buttery, creamy, caramel flavour with rich, robust coffee. Medium Roast, Flavoured Coffee.