Wolfgang Puck Jamaican Me Crazy Cups (24)

Wolfgang Puck Jamaican Me Crazy Keurig Cups (24)
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Enjoy the flavours of the tropics, try Wolfgang Puck's Jamaican Me Crazy® blend, infused with an island twist. You may do a crazy dance for this fantastic "cup of Joe". Recyclable Capsules Finished brewing? Don't pitch that plastic! Capsule is still hot after brewing, allow to cool before peeling. Locate tab on the lip of the pod, peel off used filter and discard. Outer cups can be collected with your other recyclables where #6 plastics are accepted. Flavour Max™ Filter Unlike other filters, the Flavour Max™ Filter uses non-woven fibers to make sure all the rich flavours, colours and aromas end up in your cup. Inside we put the perfect amount of precisely ground coffee or tea, then we lock in the freshness with an airtight flavour seal. But all you really need to know is it makes single serve taste great! Medium Roast Flavoured Coffee.