Grosche Turino Espresso Cups (Set of 2)

Grosche Turino Espresso Cups (Set of 2)
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Set of 2 double wall glass coffee cups without handles

The TURINO is a set of two double wall glass coffee cups from GROSCHE available in single and double shot espresso sizes. Their classic clean shape and beautiful all-glass design are perfect for your espresso. They fit most espresso machines comfortably and can hold a ristretto, espresso or lungo.

High-quality double walled glass

The TURINO glass coffee cups feature a double-walled design to keep contents hot or cold longer than a normal cup. They’re handmade by artisan glass blowers from heatproof borosilicate glass which is naturally BPA- and lead-free. Although these cups are dishwasher safe we recommend gently hand washing them to prolong life. Always avoid harsh scouring pads or detergents with these cups.

Compatibility with popular espresso and coffee makers

Customers often ask which double walled cup will cut under their electric coffee maker. If you have a Nespresso, a Keurig. K-Cup, or Tassimo electric coffee machine, will these cups fit for you? While we don’t have the specs on all the electric espresso makers out there, here are the heights of the cups that you can measure against:

Single shot cup size: 6.5 cm or 2.6 inches tall

Double shot cup size: 8.5 cm, or 3.35 inches tall

Since these double-walled glass cups are handmade, there might be some slight variations in the height from cup to cup.