Grosche Munich Teapot with Infuser

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Beautiful large glass teapot with infuser The MUNICH from GROSCHE is a glass teapot where elegant design and great functionality are coming together. The removable glass infuser is handmade, and the glass slits allow for a complete infusion of your tea. With its large a capacity of 1250 ml / 42 fl. oz., it makes up to 3-4 large cups of tea at a time. Premium-quality borosilicate glass The entire teapot and infuser are made of borosilicate glass. This is a high-grade thermal glass that can withstand boiling water and will never cloud. For those looking to avoid metal, or plastics, or cheap ceramics and looking for a tea experience where they can see their tea steeping, this teapot is a great choice. Even though the MUNICH glass teapot is heatproof, we do not recommend using it on a stove top. As soon as you take the teapot from the stove and place it on a cold or even wet counter top, the sudden change of temperature can cause the glass to crack or shatter. Ideal for loose-leaf teas and blooming teas The MUNICH glass teapot is suitable for most kinds of leaf teas including black teas, green teas and white teas. Rooibos and Honeybosh teas tend to have very fine needle-like leaves that can get stuck in the glass infuser. For these teas, we recommend using a teapot with a stainless steel infuser such as the Joliette, the Tuscany, or the Sicily. You can also use the MUNICH teapot without the infuser, making it perfect for blooming tea. The lid sits comfortably on the teapot without the tea infuser. The all-glass teapot lets you watch your blooming tea steep and blossom. How to make loose-leaf tea in the glass teapot Drop the desired amount of loose-leaf tea into the glass infuser. Next, gently pour the hot water through the infuser into the teapot. The tea will gain color and expand comfortably in the infuser giving you an elegant and high-class tea experience. Once your tea has finished infusing, remove the infuser from your tea and replace the lid. Always remember to hold the lid while pouring the tea so it doesn’t fall of the teapot and shatter. Easy to use, easy to clean The MUNICH is a dishwasher safe infuser teapot. But we recommend gently rinsing it out after use with some soapy water. Hand washing it is best. It will avoid cracking the glass by it getting hit with any metal or other objects in the dishwasher. Do not use any harsh metallic scouring pads and never use metal spoons in a glass teapot.