Grosche Glassen Double-Walled Mug (Black)

Grosche Glassen Double-Walled Mug (Black) | Beanwise

Large double wall glass travel mug with lid

The GLASSEN XL glass travel mug from GROSCHE is perfect for drinking coffee or tea on your way to work. It has a 425 ml or 14.3 fl. oz. capacity. The GLASSEN XL holds more coffee and tea than the regular-sized GLASSEN but still fits in standard cup holders. The coffee tumbler is handmade from heatproof borosilicate glass and can withstand boiling hot temperatures. The food-grade silicone lid is flavour neutral and keeps your beverage hot too.

Insulating double wall glass with silicone lid

The GLASSEN XL coffee tumbler features durable and heatproof double-walled glass. This glass travel mug will keep your beverage hotter or colder for longer. The glass is naturally BPA- and lead-free and is individually handmade by artisan glass blowers. The double wall design will insulate your beverage and keep your drinks hot or cold for around 2x longer than a ceramic travel mug. On average it will keep your coffee warm for over an hour, enough for most drives to work. So you can use this as a travel coffee mug in your daily commute. There’s no metal or plastic touching or leeching into your drink, so you get clean crisp coffee and tea flavours.

Avoid Metal taste with your travel coffee and tea mug!

Since this travel mug is made of heatproof borosilicate glass, it will not give you the metallic flavor that stainless steel travel mugs often do. Also it contains no plastic materials either. The lid is made from FDA grade silicone that is commonly used in baking ware as well. The lid simply snaps onto the glass lip of the cup, and you can sip through the small opening in the lid. The glass is hand made, and is easy to wash and keep clean. Since it is glass it is an ultra smooth material that will not pick up any flavors of what you put in it. The lid can be cleaned with soap and water and be put into a dishwasher as well. We suggest hand washing the glass travel mug. it can be used in the microwave.

When microwaving it please be careful as the glass may fee cool to the touch on the outside, but the beverage may be extremely hot. When adding tea to hot microwaved water, there is always the risk of flashing hot water when cold tea is added to it, so do be careful with the GLASSEN Xl as well if you put it in the microwave to heat the water before adding any cold tea or coffee to it.

How to care for a double wall glass travel mug
Double walled glass is renowned for its clarity and long life. But it has to be handled with a degree of care to ensure it lasts a lifetime. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your double wall glass mugs:

Never use a metal spoon when stirring your beverage in the cup. Metal spoons can start cracks that cause breakage when hot beverages are poured in at later times.

Be careful when placing it on hard counter tops as that can also start cracks in the glass

Never drop ice cubes directly into the cup as the hard ice and its low temperature together could cause cracks to develop that break on filling or use

Handwash with soft sponge or brush and liquid detergent. Avoid harsh scratchy pads and detergents.