Grosche Brenton Coffee & Tea Press

Grosche Brenton Coffee & Tea Press | Beanwise
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Insulated French press to keep your coffee or tea hot longer

The BRENTON is an insulated French press from GROSCHE. It comes with a removable Neoprene sleeve that insulates heat and keeps your freshly brewed coffee or tea hot longer. The BRENTON French press allows coarse ground coffee or loose-leaf tea to infuse within minutes. It will extract rich and intense flavours that you’ll love. It has an 8 cup / 1000 ml capacity and makes two to three large cups of coffee or tea.

Premium quality glass

The BRENTON features fine-crafted chrome rings and a German SCHOTT DURAN® borosilicate glass beaker. This dishwasher-safe and heatproof glass beaker is made in Germany and then transported to our production facility where the French press is assembled.

Dual filter system

The BRENTON insulated French press features a dual filter system. It combines a stainless steel plate filter with an ultra-fine nylon mesh filter. The strong coil spring will keep the mesh filter tight to the glass beaker wall. This will essentially prevent the coffee grinds from passing by during pressing or pouring. For your convenience, the BRENTON French press comes with a free replacement nylon filter

Easy to use, easy to clean

The BRENTON coffee press comes with a large and comfortable soft-touch handle that lets you pour your tea or coffee easily. The French press is very easy to use and does not require any electricity or paper filters to brew your coffee or tea. You can clean the BRENTON tea and coffee maker very easily. It is dishwasher-safe, but we recommend hand washing the components in order to ensure a long life.