Grosche Aspen Loose Tea Strainer Cup

Grosche Aspen Loose Tea Strainer Cup

A large tea strainer cup with a capacity of 400 ml. It’s made from heatproof glass and features a stainless steel infuser.


Loose Tea strainer cup with stainless steel infuser

The ASPEN is a large tea strainer cup for making loose-leaf tea, cold-brew coffee or fruit-infused water. The cup and lid are made from durable heat-resistant glass. It comes with a laser-cut stainless steel tea infuser and lid. The lid, when removed, becomes a trivet to hold your tea infuser once the tea has steeped, and keep any drips from falling onto your table top. The ASPEN is a large glass cup with has a capacity of 400 ml / 14 fl oz.


Suitable for all types of loose-leaf teas

The ASPEN tea strainer cup is suitable for all types of loose-leaf tea. The fine stainless steel strainer will hold back even smaller leaf teas, and allow the full flavour to infuse into the water. You can even steep a fine Rooibos or Honeybush tea in the ASPEN.


The best Loose Tea infuser mug!

Well we’re partial, but we feel this is the best loose leaf tea infuser mug. Firstly, the glass is strong without being too heavy. Secondly it has a comfortable grip. And finally the quality of the infuser is just far superior to any others our there. You will be happy with this mug and it will help you make the best tasting tea for a long time. Also for many people a single cup tea infuser is the way to go to make one 1 cup of tea at a time.


How to make loose-leaf tea

Simply place your favourite tea leaves into the stainless steel infuser and place in your ASPEN tea strainer cup. Pour hot water over the leaves and let your tea steep until it has reached the desired strength. Remove the lid and infuser and enjoy! The lid also doubles as a trivet for your infuser.